"Professional Quality Tools"

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Quality Assurance
GRIP-ON's commitment to ensure the highest quality
standards is total and unreserved. The procurement of only
the finest raw materials, a decentralized production system
in mini-factories, a radio controlled machine monitoring
system and 100% quality control, are only some of the
factors which have helped foment GRIP-ON reputation as a
supplier of superior quality tools.
The GRIP-ON guarantee
All GRIP-ON tools are manufatured to the highest
standards and are guaranteed against either defective
materials and / or orkmanship when used for the purpose
for which they were designed. This guarantee does not
apply to tools that are worn beyond their serviceable life,
abused, altered or misused in any way.
GRIP-ON GmbH guarantees that in the unlikely event of
failure of a tool in normal use, it ill be replace or repaired as
Research & Development
One of the hallmarks of GRIP-ON's ability to offer diversity
and originality is our constant focus on research and
development. Having constantly invested in the most
advanced Computer Aided Design Technology we are able
to realize detailed and precise technical drawings in 3D and
perform Finite Element Analyses to test and develop a
multitude of problem solving ideas to meet the changing
demands of the industries we serve.
GRIP-ON manufactures using the most sophisticated and
up-to-date machinery and tooling, much of which designed
and produced in-house, to ensure maximum efficiency and
productivity. For fast and smooth operations, this is
combined ith state-of-the-art office tachnology including
the most advanced omputers and the software and the
latest software packages.